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Managing Partner, Robert Lewis

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Hello, Just a few words with an update on the local Spring Housing Market.

We are starting to see early signs of an uplift in the local property market. Whist we have had a subdued 2023, sales have been steady rather than dramatic.

A number of factors are now gently pulling in the same direction

  • The national press has given up their failed predictions of a property crash
  • Inflation now steadily failing
  • Mortgages rates are better than they were at the turn of the year.
  • Bank of England base rates look set to start slowly falling in June/July (and mortgage rates will follow)
  • The general economic outlook is improving

All these factors are now having a positive input to the property market, with a better choice of properties for buyers and improving levels of sales.

Please feel free to call into the office, call or drop us an email to discuss your property requirements, whether selling, buying or letting.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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