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Climbing Kilimanjaro for Charity

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On the 18th July 2022, our Jordan and his friend Matt will attempt to climb to the summit of Mt.Kilimanjaro in aid of the 'Mind' Charity. In their words... 

"We will embark on the most physically and mentally challenging expedition we have ever planned. Climbing Mt.Kilimanjaro via the eight-day Lemosho route.

Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest point and is also the highest free-standing mountain in the world, located in Tanzania. It is also one of the seven summits of the globe. Kili's highest point sits at an altitude of 5895m (19,340ft), where the air is only 49% as dense compared to sea level (50kPa). Making the last few days, pushing towards the summit especially challenging (and very cold).

Throughout the expedition, we will endure five different climates as the altitude changes. Cultivation, Jungle, Heather-Moorland, Alpine Desert and Arctic Summit zones. These are all spread across the 70km trail. This is in addition to Kili's own, unpredictable weather system. Where the temperature range is usually between 27C and minus 20C across the mountain.

This expedition will require us to be very fit - both physically and mentally. Training began back in November and will continue up until one week before where we will de-load in preparation for the event.

Keep an eye on this page for training updates!

We have chosen to raise money for Mind Charity due to its closeness to home. Any donations will be more than appreciated! Climbing Kilimanjaro is a way to prove to ourselves that we can push past the mental and physical barriers that we are used to, and into discomfort like we have not experienced before. We aim to inspire others - that you can achieve your goals, if you focus your mind and dedicate your energy towards them."

You can donate to their JustGiving page by clicking here:



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