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Virtual Tours, Drones and Video content


The world of marketing properties has undergone a huge number of fundamental changes in recent years. The days of a few paragraphs of text and some photos is long gone.

Potential buyers and tenants expect much more and forward-looking Agents will take advantage of all the marketing tools available.

The three technical advances are full 3D virtual tours (Matterport), drone imagery (or elevated) and video tours. Each have their place and will dramatically enhance the marketing of a property.

You need to have the confidence that your Agent will use all the marketing tools available in order to promote your property.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours are an industry leading marketing tool, which will do significantly more than any other marketing tool, to help sell your home.

Many Agents claim to do “Video” or “Walkthroughs” but they are merely 2D images tagged together or a simple video done on a mobile phone.

The Matterport 3D Virtual Tour, is a genuine 3D walkthrough of the property and has been shown to be 300% more engaging than the 2d standard photograph.

Click on the link here, to see the full Matterport brochure explaining its exceptional features.

We have an explanatory video which shows how the Matterport 3d virtual tour is put together and what it looks like on completion.

The link below will take you into an example 3D tour where using your mouse or touch pad, you can “walk your way around a property”.


Click on the link below for an example of our interactive 3D tour:



Drone Images


For specific development sites or location guides, there is no substitute for an aerial Drone image.

An aerial view will both showcase a property or sales features but will also give a unique perspective to its location.

Click on the link here, to see the full Drone brochure explaining its exceptional features

Look at the video below to see a stunning drone video of the Breck Gardens site in Mildenhall.


Elevated Photography

With the closeness of the RAF Mildenhall and RAF Lakenheath airbases and the increased regulation for Drone imagery, in some locations, it is not always possible to carry out Drone imagery if required.

It is surprising what can be achieved with relatively low-level elevated images ‘pole photos’.



Video Tours

In some circumstances, a simple video ‘walk through’, will give a potential buyer or tenant all the insight they need in order to commit to a purchase or rental.

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