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Lakenheath Area Guide



Lakenheath is a village within Suffolk that has a strong community feel.  There is a small shopping street on which a variety of multi-cultural shops, restaurants, and services are available. Horse-riding services are also present. The village has a modern library with various amenities. Along this main road there is a small hotel, skate park, and a children's play park.   There is also a train station on the edge of the village, providing transport links to Norwich, Cambridge and Ely.

There are a variety of after school clubs for the Children including Scouts, Guides, Martial Arts and Performing Arts school.


Lakenheath is a fen-edge village located just north of RAF Lakenheath. The main gates to RAF Lakenheath lay on the outskirts of the village. The larger towns of Thetford, Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds are easily accessed via the A11 and A14. Lakenheath is a popular choice for those who wish to live off base but only want a short commute.

Type of sales properties

Smaller properties with a range of more prestigious properties such as the Lakenheath Hall development.

Type of rental properties

The village has a variety of properties, but predominately has 3 to 4 bedroom houses which are old base housing properties available for rent.

Distances (approx.):

4.7m/7.5km to RAF Lakenheath

7.1m/11.4km to RAF Mildenhall

5.1m/8.2lm to RAF Feltwell

6.3m/10.1km to Mildenhall Town Centre

6.2m/9.9km to Brandon

21.4m/34.4km to Bury St. Edmunds

13.3m/21.4km to Thetford

14.1m/22.7km to Ely

33.8m/54.4km to Cambridge



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